Swifter than Eagles Stronger than Lions

eagles lion3Swifter Than Eagles Stronger Than Lions by Paul B Thomas

Discover Davids mighty men their names reveal the secrets for success and victory in life.

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Spiritual Gifts 3


Spiritual Gifts 3

God wants the church to rule and reign without fear, intimidation or restraint.The Lord instructs us to “covet” spiritual gifts, Gifts are demonstrations of his power, his attributes, his workings and his objectives. when we cease to use gifts we cease to a measure in revealing Christ.

This item can be purchased online from Amazon for your mobile, laptop, desktop and and kindle device. You can also visit Pauls page on Amazon for a selection of over 30 Ebooks that will motivate, educate and prepare you for God’s best in life and ministry.


Spiritual Gifts


Spiritual Gifts. (2 of 3) Empower your life to win the war the church must win. Gifts are the weapons of a deliverer, the weapons of a warrior, the tools of a preacher, We cannot in our ignorance avoid them or misuse them. They have been given by God and have never been taken away.
Be Blessed
This item can be purchased online from Amazon for your mobile, laptop, desktop and and kindle device. You can also visit Pauls page on Amazon for a selection of over 30 Ebooks that will motivate, educate and prepare you for God’s best in life and ministry.

Spiritual Gifts

gifts16512600 D

Spiritual Gifts Tongues, Prophecy Tongues for interpretation
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Get understanding, better your edge in ministry, why live without the gifts just because you’ve heard the negative taught This Ebook explores the misconceptions and challenge you to discover God’s best indesiring Spiritual Gifts

Finding God’s Go!

finding God's Go 640v
Life Without limits, Finding God’s Go
Every man a missionary. Discover why with this new book By Paul B Thomas available for immediate download on Amazon for your desktop and mobile device.
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Jesus God’s Greatest Name

RIVER9Jesus, God’s Greatest Name, discover why with this amazing EBook available on Paul’s page on Amazon for your kindle desktop and mobile device in ebook format.

Spiritual Gifts

gifts16512600 DSpiritual Gifts by Paul B Thomas

Discover the Believers weapons of War, Spiritual Gifts This book is part 1 of three available on Amazon. Explores the gifts of utterance, Tongues Prophecy and Tongues for Interpretation. Available on Amazon in ebook format for your kindle and mobile device. Paul’s Page on Amazon

55 Reasons Why You Should Preach The Apostles Doctrine

55 reasons 600 800

55 Reasons Why You Should Preach The Apostles Doctrine by Paul B Thomas.

Doctrine determines destiny, reveals authority and uncovers authenticity. The man that teaches sound doctrine obeys the Lords commands and knows God, Doctrine is not boring neither is it legalistic rather it is exciting dynamic and life changing because it is revelation. When a man preaches by the spirit of revelation he uncovers mysteries and reveals Jesus from the volume of the book.The apostles shook Jerusalem with their doctrine which earned them the reputation “these that have turned the world upside down are among us.” Maybe this fact alone explains why we have yet to turn our world upside down. Discover the power in this e book Available on Amazon for your mobile and desktop device by Paul B Thomas


The Second Adam

manifestation33 The Second Adam by Paul B Thomas
The manifestation of the Sons of God, Discover God’s new humanity, 41 Chapters including: The lost art of dominion. Born once died twice.  A holy Ghost funeral.. You cant kill a dead man. Dead men see Jesus. Dare to live like God’s new creation, the world knows us  not! Available in Ebook format from Amazon Paul’s Page for your desktop and laptop device.

The Sinners Prayer?

sinners prayer 2016Y

The Sinners Prayer... Where is that in the bible? There were multitudes saved in the book of Acts, How were they saved? If they were saved then we should follow their way, the way that lead them to salvation. This then is why we should accept salvation as in Acts.  Sure, many have declared a Romans 10:9 salvation but no one was saved in Acts according to this verse. One must “believe” but there is more than just believe for devils believe and if devils believe then devils can be in heaven and have eternal life! But friend we must preach the gospel as Jesus said it where a man is born of water and spirit (John 3:5) this means baptism (water) does not come after one is saved but upon salvation. Discover more in this incredible book, by Paul B Thomas, The Sinners Prayer available in ebook format on Amazon for your desktop and mobile device. Pauls Page on Amazon for over 30 Books.

Set your Pulpit on Fire

# 1 Let a man so preach that he will tremble at entering the pulpit, for if God is to speak. the dead will rise up. If I preach and the dead do not raise up then the dead will rise themselves and condemn me.

# 2 What if what I tell you is wrong, false, heresy. Do you think I take that lightly. I came to a point in my life a few years ago, where I asked myself, “Paul why do you believe what you believe?”. I studied God’s word and discovered that what I believed was not what God told me. Man told me about “asking Jesus into your heart,” not God. God says a man must be “born of water and spirit” (John 3:5) Now I want to preach what God told me. How do you know that God said it? Look at the apostles preaching in Acts. If the apostles preached it, God spoke it.

# 3 Doctrine is scorned because man is in rebellion against the sovereignty of God. Truth must shape us, mold us and re-arrange us. I don’t mold truth to fit my theological understanding. I must allow the truth to give me fresh understanding even when the truth tells me I’m wrong!

I follow doctrine not because I am right, but because the doctrine I follow has put me right. I follow doctrine because what I know of Jesus has changed me and the more I discover of him the more I myself am changed

# 4 I cant preach without the Holy Ghost. I have friends who tell me that the Holy Ghost never leaves. I agree, but there is the manifested presence where whats in you becomes up and on you. Jesus said “You shall receive power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you” I don’t want to preach until its “up and on me!” That’s when you get power, power to heal the sick, power to cast our devils, power to preach. Without the power upon me I’m just a good talker and who wants to listen to a good talker?

# 5 Set your pulpit on fire with prayer. A prayerless preacher makes a powerless pulpiter. You cant pray until the Holy Ghost comes upon you, sure you can pray in the flesh. That’s why you fall asleep when you pray, nothing stirs you.

# 6 A possessed person can speak in tongues, they learn it from another who has said t say this now say that, the fire they get is from another and so is the ones. I want the fire from God, hes the one that teaches me to talk and gives me the unction, not man.

# 7 We will cry to the Lord until he reveals his face. Conviction does not make us parade ourselves rather it humbles the soul to the place where his tears soak into the dust, and he pleads with God for deliverance. that’s  revival.

# 8 William J Seymour would preach with a bucket over his head, so that he would not get the glory. Today’s preach wants a standing ovation today. How do I know? see how many times he tells you to say amen, give a clap or stand to your feet. yes a standing ovation. I would rather Get God on his feet than man. How about you?

#9 Don’t beat about the bush/ Moses saw God in the bush. If your bush is not burning you ain’t preaching. stay at home in the desert until your bush catches fire then you are ready to preach to the nation God assigns you too.

#10. If you have no word from heaven the you will not have power in earth from heaven. Eloquent sermons are not from heaven. Power comes from heaven (1 Cor 2:4). “And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:

Love Can Live Again

In my travels I meet many people who have given up on love. they build a wall because of the rejection few believe they will ever love again. The walls they build are too high and the hurt that’s taken root goes down way low. You see it in their eyes. Pain and mistrust. They don’t even trust themselves to love again.

It’s sad when a woman whom God had made to love looses the the very thing that comes naturally to her. Love. When a woman loses her will to love she loses her heart. It don’t matter how hard she appears underneath that layer of mortar lies a heart.

When a good man comes along she rejects him, not because hes the wrong one but because she has rejection in her. Rejected people reject people, hurt people hurt people. They don’t see what’s good because whats wrong for their past is still at work in their mind and soul.

There are many keys that have to be used in order to open the love door again. I don’t believe its just one key solves all the problem. I do believe however that the key factor is Love, and this is why I say love. Because its the very thing that you will want to shut but I want to tell you its the very door that God wants to open again.

Look at Jesus. He loved a woman, you and I! He came from a far country to wed us, we rejected him, That rejection worked in him too.  Yes, he was called a “man of sorrows,” Maybe you know what that means. Men too get sorrowful, men too cry and languish privately with their pain over a lost lover. He done all he could yet was refused, scorned and mocked. Have you been there! You’ve given all youve got and you were mocked for it!

Man of sorrows!

When those around him thought the love was dead forever, the love of this man began to work all over again!

Sister, brother, don’t let the devil tell you, that you will never love again. That’s a lie! They thought Jesus (the God who is love) was dead too, but on the morning of the third day. Yes the third day, love began to live again. For the believer, love don’t die because God cannot die, and whatever love was buried, that same love will live again.

Even if that person does not love you and will not love you, take comfort your love will not die, your ability to love will not die. Your ability to love yourself and then love others will live again. Older man, older woman just because you’re in your forties, fifties or sixties don’t mean its over, that’s a lie! Love is greater than age, love is greater than hurt. Love conquers death “and the greatest of these is love,” yes, the “greatest” of resurections is the resurrection of love.

Even the death of a relationship contains a seed of resurrection, you have that miracle resurrection love seed in you. You will love again! Maybe you have to first let go of love to get it all back. Maybe too you have to put bury the past hurt first. Maybe you have to lay done the anger first. Maybe you have to give your past a funeral service.

You cant afford to live without love. Why rob yourself of love why rob yourself of something God created you for. That dont make sense. There’s no hurt that so bad that you will have to rob yourself of its force.

Here are three things you can do again

1. MAKE THE CHOICE TO BURY THE PAST and resurrect the future. If you have a man that believes it can come back together then believe against the odds with him. Don’t  quit on love love wont quit on you, give it a second chance, give it a third day. have another go.

2. TAKE OWNERSHIP OF FAILURE. Without taking responsibility to forgive one cannot take authority over pain. If you forgive from the heart God will restore. Take ownership of mistakes, admit it you had a role to play in things going wrong. Confess it then walk away from its guilt.

3. CHOOSE TO MAKE TODAY BIGGER THAN YOU PAST. If you want something to die give it no time no talk and no attention and it will die. Tomorrow is new. Don’t mention yesterday anymore, don’t bring it up with your mate don’t ponder it and don’t let yesterday live. Today is a new day. live today. Today is not yesterday repeated. Don’t live like that. It will kill the life in you. Today in New. Make it a celebration of whats new not a rehearsal of whats dead.

Love can live again.
You will love again