The Holy Ghost The Spirit of Jesus.

The Holy Ghost495

The Holy Ghost
The Spirit of Jesus By Paul B Thomas
God is Spirit. The Holy Ghost is God in us and among us. Jesus is God and his Ghost, his spirit, is his presence, his very own spirit given to us. The same spirit that came upon Samson and the prophets comes to you and I when we receive the Spirit of the LORD.This EBook challenges the dogma of the Catholic trinity and presents the apostles doctrine of the one true God.
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Jesus or the Trinity


Jesus or the Trinity
Discover the God of the Bible
God in person. simple yet profound, Christianities best kept secret. Sound doctrine as the prophets and apostles taught it
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Acts 238 Salvation

Acts 238 Salvation

Acts 238 Salvation
Why easy believism does not work. Was there anyone in the church of Acts that “asked Jesus into their heart?” The truth will astound you. Salvation as is! If you want revival, if you want eternal Life, this is a must read. Available on Amazon for you today.