Wall breakers

Joshua blow trumpet and see the wall surrounding the city fall flat before you eyes.. (Joshua 6)… There’s more than one way to tear down that wall. Forget the traditional way. To much demolition, hire a crew,  heavy machinery, costly demolition, sort out the legalities, sign a contract, Let’s do things God’s way,  nothing fleshly, or religious, Just get together an army, march in unity and sing the Lord’s song. Yes that what wall breakers do best. They get out of the flesh and let God do the rest. Declare Today: My faith has found its Wall and my shout has found its clout.  What’s before me comes down now in Jesus name.


Every Man needs 2 Missions

Every man needs a mission, whether that’s a church you go to or a mission that makes “you” the church that speaks. Do you see what I’m saying! Yes that’s what mission is “saying what you are seeing.” Here’s mine, hope it helps you.

1.To stand up and speak out on God and his deity. I love Preaching Jesus. He has done so much for me, this is my little bit of appreciation. What’s yours, what are you grateful for that the Lord has done for you in your life? .. make that your mission.
2. To be a voice.
3. To be a Movement Builder.
4.  To be a hope builder, through online articles, motivational podcast, revivals and church meetings seminars and 121 conversations.
5. To light your fire, thats what I do for a living, light fires!
6. I want you to find meaning in you mess and get a message out of your mess. You are a word from God to somebody!
7. I want you to have an personal encounter with God.

… bye the way what “Mission” do you attend?

How to have a Good “AMEN” in church today!

I grew upon church where folks thought it was unrighteous to say “amen” when the preacher  spoke, well it seemed like that anyway. However when the Spirit moved, it unlocked our inhibitions. Now I’m older I’ve realised a secret, my “amen” helps encourage the preacher, he doesn’t have to beg me to say “Amen” I’ll say it anyway, and that is good too. So let your “amen” be so big that  your listening is better than the preachers preaching!… Can someone say AMEN!

How to listen to the Preacher, Today, in Church.

The number one problem in church today is LISTENING. Having silent moments to listen to God and shutting down our inner conversation to listen to the preacher. Let me suggest the number one solution to the number one problem! Pray.. Lord let me listen without sifting, drifting or analysing. Lord help me Listen to connect rather than correct. Help me listen to respect and not inspect, Help me to be a better hearer than what the preacher is a preacher for then I shall get out out of his sermon what I came to church to get today,  A renewed faith and … An Encounter with God!

Can I See the Real You..No Strings Attached

I don’t post to get my “likes” because whether you like it or not does not matter.  What matters most is that I post because I enjoy the freedom of being myself without the applause, the “amen” or the “like” button. I enjoy the liberty to say it as it is, the freedom to talk my own mind, to express that which is my own opinion. yes I thank God for that! The demonstrators, rabble rousers, trouble makers or law makers don’t give us this freedom, God does and I thank HIM for that.

In a society that hates the freedom of the free, we take our liberty and freedom and own it. FREEDOM IS MINE I OWN IT.  I can’t trade it for then you would be my master and I your slave. That’s why I’m not politically correct or  religiously puppetised,  I pull my own strings and loose my own chains. I’m not part of the culture of the “sorry.” either, if you get offended at what I say and I say “sorry” then I’m your puppet and you’re my JEZEBEL. So “sorry” I don’t play that game!  I don’t apologise for my countries past or its statutes, laws or crimes, for I have dealt with my “own” history, laws and crimes. I don’t call, name and bad mouth heretics so that I can look better than they. It takes a better man to make a lesser man look good.  I can talk to the street-walker, the drug pusher and the no-hoper and still be myself at the end of the day. I’ve nothing to prove except the fact that I can share a little love, give a word of hope and encourage another to be what he wants to be. No strings attached!

I say all that to tell you that if the real you don’t stand up, then the you that you know will be despised, depressed, down for the count and fake. If the real you don’t come forth, the world will be robbed of its authenticity and so will you. There’s something worse than fake news, that is the news that you are known as a fake you …. most of our troubles, problems and anxieties exist because we fail to be ourselves. We always want the approval and consent of others first. We want to play by their rules. Now is the time to play by your own rule. THE REAL YOU HAS YET TO BE SEEN… I hope to see the real YOU whether that’s in the pulpit, the pew, or the blog post. Can I see the Real YOU?… no strings attached…

Wanted Dead Preachers…

Are you dead to self or addicted to self… are you dead to self or are you living for self?
…. that I may may be conformed to his image ( Ro 8:29 )…..To many of us are addicted to ministry and growth in the ministry, addicted to the pulpit, addicted to the hype of loud preaching and the response of carnal man in the pew, addicted to pentecostal tradition and culture, addicted to excellence and progress and building big, addicted to the loud “amens” and the louder “hallelujahs.” We have become the addicted trying to convert the addicted, we have become the hooked trying to convert the hooker, we have become the idolators condemning the idol worshippers, putting burdens on church folks they cannot bear, asking for money they do not have and the more we ask the more we get and the more we get the more we ask for. Addiction! No addict so hooked as those hooked on the pulpit! … Some preach on covetousness yet they covet the pulpit, they don’t covet your wife yet they commit adultery with the ministry. Isn’t it time we stopped the religious game and sought God in repentance, tears of repentance, seasons of repentance. repenting of worshipping the idol of ministry.   Take note of the very reason why he chose you….TO BE CONFORMED “ADDICTED” to him, the Christ! … Oh that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death; …. This “conformity to the image of Christ” (Romans 8:29-30)..

I will Look to the hills…

I will look to the hills from whence cometh my help, my help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth..(Psalm 121:1,2).

I was walking out of the city the other day, I crossed the bridge and glanced up the river towards the valleys. In the distance I could see the hills, I felt myself longing to escape to the hills. There’s something about hills that speaks of victory as well as challenges, challenges as in climbing up and conquering, victories as in getting to the top rather than living life below. Now thats the CHOICE, living below at ease or living it up embracing the heights. Somehow we have to step out of the lows of life and embrace the heights, tackle the things above you, rather than just settling for that which you are stuck with.

The psalmist said it like this, “I will look to the hills from whence cometh my help.”  We know that the hills of themselves cannot provide help, however its in the “looking up” that we find our help forth hills, for if hills cause us to look higher then whatever is bigger than you is not your barrier but your helper. For the hills tell me that the mountain before me is my story.  It just looks like a mountain right now. But if I can look at it and climb it then that which is buffer than me will become mine. Thats where my help comes from.

The mountain is not your problem its your sign,a sign that wherever you climb God will give you the strength to conquer. You see your help comes from the Lord, the hill is just there to remind you he I bigger than your expectation and greater than your ability. Its in the looking up that we find our freedom, its in the looking up that we see a brighter future and a better tomorrow. If you will look up God will Lift you up! IF YOU CAN LOOK UP GOD WILL GET YOU BACK UP. Theres victory in the looking up. As long as you can see a hill, God will provide the help! Look up my friend, God made the hills just to remind you that the higher things in life require an investigation. So next time you see a hill, take a good long look. Help is coming to you!

When you SEE Trouble, expect Breakthrough!

Elijah saw a cloud and heard abundance. (1 Kings 18:41-44)
Some folks see opportunity and all they hear is “watch out,” “take care” “I wouldnt bother if I was you” “take it easy” “sit down” and “take a BREAK.”  I dont know what you see hanging above your head right now but I’m blogging to tell you, the cloud that looks like a problem is actually a promise in disguise. It’s diguised so that your faith will kick into gear. In times past you went in worry mode, this time youre in the faith mode, you see the cloud and instead of hiding, you start planning, you begin to think big, stand big, pray big, and go big. The cloud just came your way to remind you to get going, God’s direction! The cloud came your way to unlock the “runner” in you so that you run God’s direction this time instead of running to hide like you did last time. The cloud is just a provoker of something in you that never would emerge had you never seen a thick, black old, king sized cloud. Whats in the cloud is now in your hand… ABUNDANCE! Thank God for the cloud..   when you see trouble expect breakthrough.
PRAYER: “God sent me a cloud today so that the winner in me, may emerge..” God is not a disturber of my peace but the developer of it. Amen!