Rudy Perez


Rudy Perez, a dear friend of mine went home to be with the Lord a couple of days ago. Back in 95 I stayed at the home of Gilbert Perez while on itinerary into states. Gilbert was a member of a charismatic chruch thee in Adrian Mi. I had the amazing opportunity of meeting his dad in Toledo Ohio. He was so happy to meet me that he gave me the shirt of the evangelist he ministered with back in the 60/70s. Leroy Jenkins a televangelist who was known for his healing ministry. A film “The Calling” later changed to “Man of Faith” was made of him in 2002 and he passed away in 2017. Rudy starred also into film. Rudy was a gentleman, kind hearted and humble.  I have thought much of that meeting many years ago. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to meet him and we shall meet again. The Lord bless you Gilbert my brother and your family. My heart, prayers are with you and the Lord is for you. Always!
Rudy you shall be missed. Thanks for impacting my life.
Brother Paul