When you SEE Trouble, expect Breakthrough!

Elijah saw a cloud and heard abundance. (1 Kings 18:41-44)
Some folks see opportunity and all they hear is “watch out,” “take care” “I wouldnt bother if I was you” “take it easy” “sit down” and “take a BREAK.”  I dont know what you see hanging above your head right now but I’m blogging to tell you, the cloud that looks like a problem is actually a promise in disguise. It’s diguised so that your faith will kick into gear. In times past you went in worry mode, this time youre in the faith mode, you see the cloud and instead of hiding, you start planning, you begin to think big, stand big, pray big, and go big. The cloud just came your way to remind you to get going, God’s direction! The cloud came your way to unlock the “runner” in you so that you run God’s direction this time instead of running to hide like you did last time. The cloud is just a provoker of something in you that never would emerge had you never seen a thick, black old, king sized cloud. Whats in the cloud is now in your hand… ABUNDANCE! Thank God for the cloud..   when you see trouble expect breakthrough.
PRAYER: “God sent me a cloud today so that the winner in me, may emerge..” God is not a disturber of my peace but the developer of it. Amen!


Man of God, Stretch Yourself..

He walked to a fro.. (2 kings 4:35).

Thats why Elisha done until he felt the unction to breath life into the dead child and see the miracle power of God in action.

I see men of God walking “to and fro” wondering whether they are called to this , thinking if they are called to that. Can I raise the dead? Can I preach! Will God do it?  Will God use me?

Man of God, you have walked “to a fro”  long enough. Its time for you, like Elijah to “stretch yourself.” Why would you think it impossible that God would not use you to raise the dead, wake up a city, a generation, why? The Holy Ghost came into your flesh, your soul, your life, to do what the the prophets andd apostles done, only greater.  Do you believe this! Did not the same Holy Ghost come into your body? Has not this same miracle power that you now question already proved himself in you? Were you not dead in trespasses and sin, thats dead my friend. You qualify to raise the dead, because thats your testimony. God has raised you from the dead! Since God has raised you you have an unction from the holy one too. You qualify to raise the dead.

Quit pacing the floor you have a son to raise up. Quit doubting your ability in Christ, quit doubting God, quit living below your potential,  you have a generation that needs what you’ve got. Quit living below God’s expectation of you, stretch yourself, go to the child, that generation, that city, that town, breath life into it and raise its dead.

a Place called THERE..

Are you there..
God told Abraham go THERE (Gen 22:9).
God told Elijah  God to the brook Cherith and I will meet you “THERE” (1 Kings 17:4).
He could have been somewhere else, God would have brought food via bird flights airways transportation inc, to the brook, and Elijah would have been somewhere else.
Are you “there” yet!

Allow me to share 3 Key Points regarding your “THERE”

THERE is a place where God unlocks energy, thats what food from a divine source does to a man, it unlocks energy. Many of us are running out of steam because we do our own cooking with food God has not provided, heated on stoves God has not added wood too. Abraham was in the place of fire, Elijah was in the place of Food. Both fire and food are present when you are in the place called THERE

THERE is a place where whats little in the sight of man becomes Big in the sight of God. little brook, unclean birds. thats nothing, you may say. Sure, if you’ve been to brook  street and raven avenue where the vultures are your enemies and the ravens your friends, then take note, little is much when God gives you manna from divine messengers. THERE you will hear God, a little hear a little there, one piece of beef here one piece of beef there. What God gives is Big. Dont live with less than Big. It may look small to others and it may look small to you, but eat it, chew it, and if its a vision built it and run with it.

Notice too the birds that came to Elijah were “unclean.” God will use that which is unclean to teach you and feed you. God can use those outside of your faith your denomination your organisation whom you regard as “unlean” to talk to you so dont discard their lunch.

THERE the place where Abraham made the sacrifice and Elijah experienced the supernatural. I want to be “there” dont you!

There the place of destiny. There the place of promise.There the place of rain, There the place of provision and rest.There the place of reward and honor. There where God wants you and God wants me. No better place to be than a place called THERE. If feel the Holy Ghost asking you and I this question “are you THERE  yet?”

PRAYER: Today God take me THERE. It does not matter how much I receive but whatever you give me may I feed upon it for the next fourty days in your name Jesus. Amen


Can I Bless Somebody Today ..

The internet… Go online and test your blood pressure..  ranters and ravers, news fakers and news makers, celebrity gossipers and Christian propheteers – (profiteers) – one God haters and bad law makers. Russian spies, lies, Korean shoots, Asian troops, political loops, Eu flops, and the british pound drops.  How, then do we deal with stuff! Junk talk..  bad talk, pointless talk. Get offline! No, Just find someone you can say “Hi” too (shouldn’t be too hard) in this day and time. Think of a problem they may have and offer a solution, give some encouragement and a word of enlargement. Send a message to a pastor and help him think bigger, find a friend whose at wits end and make him a winner. Share a truth, and set their mind on fire, touch your neigbour and be a kind brother, build a bridge, you do it like no other….. If the web cant be positive I will. If the world can’t tell me whats good then I will. … hope you Will too… Hope i’ve blessed you today…

Don’t Miss your Opportunity

…and I pray that the fellowship of your faith may become effective through the “knowledge” of every good thing which is in you for Christ’s sake. (Philemon 1:61)NASB or as the KJV states  the “acknowledging” of every good thing.  The Lord gives “knowledge” of witty inventions. (Prov 8:12)

How different our lives could have been if we had only acted on the thoughts and ideas that God has given us. How many ideas have you had that you later abandoned because you thought they were too big for you? “Well thats just me,” you may have said. “my own reasoning” as if God cannot speak through your own reasoning! Missed opportunities! We’ve all had missed opportunites, thoughts that could have been ministries, ideas that could have become a business, solutions that could have become a global platform. What if you just said “yes” to every good thing, rather than disregarded every good thing, just because you simply thought “Oh that’s just me!”

God says yes that is “Just you” All we know is the “You” that is today. God sees the “you” that will be tomorrow. So trust him.  So the next time God speaks, note it, think on it, develop it and run with it.


What is Freedom and Justice?

Freedom and justice go together. You can’t have mob rule and freedom. If the mob rules then you have no justice for all. Justice is only just when whats right is enforced and whats wrong is made a crime. Its only after right and wrong have been defined can a people have true freedom, that is freedom for the individual as a citizen and freedom for the nation as Americans.

America land of the Free!

America land of the free…
…but it seems that those who are not so free, are the ones that make the rules.

I love America, I love the freedom it has where folks go to a local restaurant after church because the owner reserved the tables for the pastor and his congregation. I love the way the Americans display their views, choices and faith on billboards too. In 98, a florida resident comissioned an ad company to display a series of God billboards in Florida. The campaign went statewide and appeared in over 10,000 places. Ads such as “Dont make me come down there… God” and  “Will the road you’re on get you to my place? — God” and many others drew my attention and grabbed my amusement as I travelled the US Highways. Which brings me to my point. I have just read how a florida woman was ordered to remove a “hoot for trump banner” which also bore the words “Proud to be an American” on it (Fox News)….. one lady with one banner on her own property…. The banner which she had on her property, was vandalised before she was ordered to take it down.

Do the thugs really determine what the authorities do in America. I thought Political correctness in Eu was crazy, but this baffles me. The brits love America for its freedom of expression. Hollywood has it, trump has it and any man worth his gold has it. Have things really changed that much?  I can only wonder what would the reaction would be if the God banners went up again on American soil! It would be a good gauge of religious freedom.

God Bless USA.

DO You Know Jesus as a Son or YOUR Father?

Grow in the knowledge of God, (2 Peter 3:18). The knowledge of God himself, some folks know Jesus as a son, worship him as a son, yet that is who he was was in the days of his flesh. (Heb 5:7) Spiritual men know him after the spirit, AS HE IS TODAY. Who he was and is after the resurrection, and to that Paul declared “Our Great God and saviour” (Titus 2:13). and Thomas declared “My Lord and my God” (John 20:28). Do you know him after the spirit? (Luke 24:30-35)  for men like you and I cannot know him as a Son, we can read about his life as a Son, but we dont know him after the flesh (2 Cor 5:16) and the reason why a man cannot know Jesus as God is because he has not entered into his death, burial and resurrection. Now if you are baptised, buried into his name, you know your father. for you have entered into the life of the one that bears the family name. You entered the life the same as he, through his death, burial and resurrection. (Ro 6:4 Col 2:12) You died in his death, you were buried in his baptism and you were resurrected with him when you got the Holy Ghost. If you did not know him you would have just prayed a prayer a sinners prayer and thats it, no power, no life, no death and no resurrection just a confession unto confusion. But YOU, followed Jesus through that watery grave and so became born of water and spirit. No YOU, yes You, know Jesus as your father. (Jn 8:19. Acts 2:38). Jesus is God!