Standing firm Against all odds

I had a dream there was a stallion on a ledge, this ledge was hundreds of feet down a steep cliff below the ledge was hundreds of feet again to a bottom I could not see. On top of this cliff there was the sea. The sea was calm then all of a sudden the tide began to rise up, swelling to a huge wave which then plundered down the cliff crashing on top of the horse. The wave stopped and I saw the horse stagger, shake himself and stand upright.

This happened three times and each time the wave crashed down on the stallion, he buckled his knees and staggered. It was impossible that he should survive, but he did. Each time the wave crashed on him, he was not moved out of his position, just shaken and keeping his ground. 

The interpretation: you cannot avoid life’s troubles. Sure storms will come and you may think it is the end. But it’s not. All you have to do is stand still and see the salvation of The Lord. Your foot shall not be moved. Keep on the narrow path and do not change course Your life shall not end. Stand it, take it and live through it. God is your strength and in him you cannot be conquered

Giving it all I’ve Got

‘Going For it’ and ‘giving it all I’ve got’ are actually two different things. You can go for the wrong things with passion energy and guts however to give it all you’ve got requires wisdom to go for the one thing and grit to go for the only that is worthy of your time and attention. So why do something if your heart and soul is not in it? Now with that in mind, go for it with all you’ve got

What the Robin Williams Tragedy Teaches us.

Sadly the death of Robin Williams may teach us one big lesson. Success is a thief and robs us of life, if the image we display covers over the undealt with issues of the heart. We all have to deal with addictions, past hurts and emptiness we face. Until we do, no amount of public fame, or personal wealth will give us peace. Sooner or later the pain will overtake the success and destroy us. Suicide never killed anybody, its what we fail to confront that destroys our life and bring us to an early grave.

The Three Witnesses


The Three Witnesses
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Jesus or the Trinity


Jesus or the Trinity
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